Do we still catch ourselves totally excited about something? Once when I was bringing my niece and nephew out to lunch, they left their house too early that we found the restaurant still hours from opening once we arrived. They (and I, of course) were truly excited to meet up and to eat some new cuisine!

In the gospel today, we see again the strange behavior of Peter. Much have been said about Peter’s temperament and he has been commented on negatively for his imprudence, impatience and rashness. Peter was now fishing with the other disciples, like they used to do before Jesus called them, and he heard that the Risen Lord was on the shore. Lightly clad (or naked, depending on the version), Peter put on his garment, jumped on the water and swam towards the Lord.

Now this really looked ridiculous. People undress to get into the water. Here, Peter dressed up to go swimming towards Jesus. Many preachers take this chance to lambast Peter again for his impulsiveness and lack of thought. But what might have been the real reason for this strange behavior?

First, Peter was so excited to meet his Master once again! After the Crucifixion of the Lord, he was one of those who entered into confusion and difficulty in understanding the flurry of events. Now, convinced that Jesus was truly Risen, he couldn’t contain his emotion that he did what seemed irrational.

Second, Peter acted out of deep respect. He was unprepared for this moment. He did not want to come up to Jesus lightly clad or naked, that he covered himself immediately. This excitement and respect flowed into a behavior that the Lord Jesus certainly appreciated and welcomed.

This reflex of Peter, do we also have it in ourselves when we relate with the Lord? Do we joyfully anticipate going to Mass and receiving Communion? Do we behave reverently in the presence of the Lord as we pray, read the Bible or adore him? Do we have excitement and respect as we encounter people who are images of God in our daily lives, in our daily work and in our daily routine?

“This present moment is all for you, Lord, all that is joyful, painful, even tiresome and boring. Come Holy Spirit, help me do my best, through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

 (paki-share po para lalong makatulong sa iba at dumami ang magpuri sa Panginoon. thanks po!)