Doesn’t it seem enough that the world does not have peace? Watch the news on television. Listen to the daily broadcast on radio. Visit the internet and prove to yourself that we live in a world always divided, angry, ready to strike and hurt one another. And then, within ourselves too, we feel the fragility of peace.

We engage daily in a personal battle to maintain peace in our minds and hearts. We struggle daily to promote peace in within our circle of family and friends. And while at times we may be winning, one false move, and peace is broken and we find ourselves disturbed, confused and disappointed with life. Remember this however, that all the reasons for us to lose our peace are bad reasons. They stem from anger, fear, competition, pride, and lack of trust in God and in our selves.

The Lord says that we seek the peace that the world gives. We dream of a life without annoyances, a trouble free existence, and a world of abundance and contentment. If ever it comes, this peace will be short-lived and will be fragile.

Today the Risen Jesus sends us the gift from both his and the Father’s heart. He offers us the Holy Spirit, promised before and fulfilled now after his Resurrection. The Holy Spirit, always with the Father and the Son in the unity and oneness of being God, will teach and remind the followers of Jesus the key to peace.

While Jesus was in the world, his disciples rejoiced in his presence. They derived strength from his words. They found affirmation in his actions. Now that the Lord Jesus has gone back to the Father, the disciples would no longer have the benefit of a direct, physical contact with the Lord. They would have to live in the new dimension of faith; believing without seeing. And here is where the trouble enters too. Many of us lack faith; many of us have weak faith.

That is why Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to us. He will remind us of the victory of Jesus. He will remind us that the Lord has risen and has conquered. He will teach us to discover the many ways God is still close to us and good to us as he provides for our needs and accompanies us through our daily trials.

In what ways do you find yourself without peace? In what areas of your life do you give in to despair and perpetual sadness? Start the practice of having a devotion to the Holy Spirit, the God who lives in our hearts and connects us with the Father and the Son. Trust him to lead you to peace. Believe that he will lead you to deeper trust in the love and power of God.

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