The Mystery of the Trinity was always a problem.

…Heretics from the start of Christian history denied it

…Jews, based on strong religious principle, could not accept it.

…Muslims cannot understand it and so they explain it away.

…Modern sects (Iglesia ni Cristo, Unitarians, Mormons) preach against it today.

But Christians are different; they do not see a problem in the Trinity.

…No, they see Jesus the Risen Lord at the heart of the mystery and of the doctrine.

…Jesus is the face of the living God whose Kingdom he preached.

…Jesus came to the world fully charged with the Spirit of the Living God.

Jesus and God his Father were connected in the most intimate way by love, commitment and unity in the Spirit they together share.

Listening to Jesus, following him and sharing his life, the disciples, the early Christians and today’s Christians experience the love of the Father, the salvation of the Son and the presence of the Holy Spirit in their hearts!

Buy 1, take 3 – Receive Jesus and enjoy a relationship with his Father and with their Holy Spirit.

The Trinity is not about math.

…Some say 1+1+1 and the result is 3; others insist 1x1x1 and the end is still 1

…The numbers cannot convince anyone. Because God is not about math; he is more than the finite numbers in this world.

The Trinity is all about trust

… in Jesus who expressed this mystery in his own life

… in God who comes to us not as an isolated powerful one but as family, as community of life and love

… in God who reaches us in the dynamic show of love as the Father who receives the sinner back, as the Son who shepherds us back to the fold, and as the Spirit who convinces us we truly belong to the family of God.

When you next make the Sign of the Cross,

…Praise and thank the Father from whom you came,

…Receive the Son and his saving grace,

…Believe in the Spirit who makes your heart, however imperfect, his home.

Do not make Trinity your problem. 
Make the Trinity your experience of the One and Living God!

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