Filipinos, in recent years, added a new word in their vocabulary – the word “unli” (short for unlimited). 
We flock to restaurants that offer unli rice. 
We connect to unli wifi. 
We subscribe to phone companies with unli call and text. 
We seem to be fascinated with “unli” – the vast, expansive, boundless!

In the gospel, a scholar asked the Lord Jesus the key to eternal life. 
Jesus lead him to the answer which the scholar himself recited – love of God, love of neighbor. And the scholar, with much thirst for wisdom, asked to whom he should apply his love, who is his neighbor.

While the Lord did not answer directly the scholar’s follow-up query, in sharing the parable of the Good Samaritan, he made it clear that love does not have an object. 
Love can only have a a subject. 
The Good Samaritan naturally imbibed the commandment of love in his life especially in his dealing with the most miserable people around him, like the poor man robbed and beaten half-dead.

The Samaritan’s story continues to be a powerful challenge to us today. 
Many times we look for the ways we can exercise our love. 
Parishes scout for orphanages where they can do charitable work. 
Schools look for venues for their immersion service. 
Television stations are on the watch for the next fund-raising activity aimed at the latest disaster-stricken area. 
This is not wrong at all.

However, the Lord is telling us today that the only way to love – both God and neighbor – is to become a loving person. 

It is not in thinking hard of how to love or who to love or when to love. 

If a person is loving then he can love anyone, any time and in any way. 
The Samaritan is the example of a subject whose range of love is unlimited.

To enter eternal life, there is one unli that we need to have – unli love. 

Love the first person who needs you. 
Love in the place where you live, work, study or play. 
Love through the simplest actions and words without aspiring for great or dramatic moments. 
Love through the simple virtues that you can do each day. 

Unli love will bring you to unli life (eternal life)!

 (paki-share po para lalong makatulong sa iba at dumami ang magpuri sa Panginoon. thanks po!)