“Do not be afraid, little flock…”

Why did Jesus call the flock “little”?

Did he envision only a few people to follow him?

Or did he not foresee that soon after his Ascension,

the gospel will spread like wildfire,

and his disciples will balloon

into tens of thousands to millions,

and to more than a billion adherents today?

Surely this expansion too, was his intention for his church.

This “small” flock image was the favorite of Pope Paul VI.

It was dear too, to another one, Pope Benedict XVI.

What did Jesus mean by this expression?

Why did the popes prefer this illustration?

Jesus knew that with a strong foundation,

His gospel would influence many

And his followers would be numerous.

But the Lord was not ultimately concerned about statistics, about numbers.

He was concerned about the “quality of living the faith” of his disciples.

Do not let the records fool you.

There are over a billion people today who call themselves Christians.

But is that a billion people who live sincerely and faithfully as followers of Jesus?

How many of the baptized

… have a living relationship with Jesus

… worship with all their hearts

… read and live the Word of God

… participate actively in their communities

… share with the poor and oppressed

… behave as servants of Jesus in the home,     
     school, workplace

… spread truth and not fake news

… show reverence for people and for creation

… work to make the world a better place

… guide others to find Christ?

In the heart of Jesus was the desire to see his followers increase,

but in his wisdom he knew that only a few will persevere to the end.

Ask yourself:

Are you part of this little flock?

Are you enthusiastic to know God more?

Are you excited to lead others closer to him?

Or are you satisfied with the label “Christian”

Thinking that you will be saved

While you hide behind the numbers of the so-called baptized?

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