A teacher took to social media to draw attention to a special situation in her school.

Instead of having a proper faculty room for teachers,

to prepare their notes, eat, rest, meet with parents, and consult with students,

this netizen posted where she and her fellow teachers now hang out

… in abandoned toilets of their public school.

Was her campaign successful?

Embarrassed school officials berated her

for using “dramatic” and “moving” photos to win the sympathy of others.

They threatened her with disciplinary actions for shaming the school officials.

Instead of fixing the problem, the teacher is now the thorn in the side of her bosses.

People always considered the prophet a rabble-rouser, a trouble-maker – look at Jeremiah.

He didn’t  titillate the crowds, nor tell them what they wanted to hear.

Instead he proclaimed the message of the Lord, however disturbing it might be.

He was not afraid to call fakes and pretenders

those who thought that faith was about external practice,

and not about a real change of heart, of character, of nature.

Jeremiah disturbed consciences, both of the people and the king.

In turn, they hated him and wanted him dead.

The Lord Jesus was more than a Jeremiah.

He made it clear that to follow him

would mean breaking out of ranks from one’s personal loyalties.

His message was not about rest or comfort but a jolt and a shock.

… like fire that causes panic,

… like arguments that separate people from each other.

Jesus’ message intends to disturb and agitate,

To force people to come to a decision for God and for a holy life.

How do you respond to the prophets you meet in your life?

Do you avoid people who deliver messages that make you uncomfortable?

Do you hate it when people tell you what is right?

Do you tone down the words of the Bible you don’t agree with?

Do you hate people who point out to you your wrong actions?

Do you try to silence opposition and criticism to your way of life?

Prophets are uncomfortable companions.

When you listen to them they will force you to think hard.

They will challenge you to take the narrow road.

In the end however, they will bring you close to Christ.

Thank God for the prophets of today:

The whistle blower who risks everything to tell the truth,

The bishop who endangers his life for denouncing senseless killings,

The employee who would not take a bribe,

The parent who exercises tough love to guide her child away from error.

The priest who preaches from God’s Word and from people’s experiences.

Do not shut down the prophet!

Let him speak.

Let him shout.

Let him lead the world to salvation!

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