The gospel turns our attention to the joy of finding the lost – the sheep, the coin, the son!

But you can only appreciate the joy of finding if you went through the

pain of losing.

You must lose what you really value, what truly means a lot,

what you consider important…

before you can claim the joy of recovering what you lost.

Today who cares about lost sheep,

or even lost coins,

much less, lost stubborn sons?

But we know the unimaginable anguish of losing a cell phone!

…with all its contacts,

and photo gallery,

and memorable messages!

A young person can lose everything – his books, his uniform,

even his allowance or his lover…

but not his phone! That will signal the end of the world!

We admire the featured reunions of long lost siblings, or parents and children,

of childhood friends, and former lovers.

We cry with them, laugh with them, rejoice with them.

But do we appreciate the tears of separation,

the craziness of endless search,

the sleeplessness of worrying for another,

the constant waiting by the window or at the door,

the uncertainty of ever holding tight again the one you love?

Can you identify yourself with the shepherd, the woman, or the father?

Jesus is telling us that God’s joy is boundless in heaven

only because first his eyes swelled with tears, his mind exploded with worry,

his heart bled with sorrow,

his very self was shattered to pieces,

when a beloved son or daughter turned away from him.

Only if we realize how much pain God goes through

every time we refuse his love,

reject his plan for our lives,

and rebel against his will,

can we truly imagine how enormously happy we can make him

if like the prodigal son, we will return to the Father’s home.

A father and mother started to worry because their only

daughter did not come home one evening.

They looked for her among the neighbors but she was not there.

They rented a car to go to the city at the dead of night.

They reported to every police station.

They called everyone they knew.

Distraught, they returned home without her,

almost dying at all the possible harm she must have gotten into.

Entering the house, great was their delight

in seeing their daughter at last,

fast asleep, undoubtedly tired from a wild night out with friends.

Just looking at her banished their fears and

calmed their nerves.

There was no need for questions, or reprimands,

or accusations…

She was home at last… that was all that mattered.

Such is the heart of God! Such is the mercy of the Lord!

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