There is a war in Syria. Does it affect us?

There is an earthquake in Mindanao? Did it frighten us?

A violent storm swept through Tokyo? Were we disturbed?

People are getting killed, pushed away, maltreated everywhere. What do we care?

The Lord Jesus speaks of the things that must happen in the world before the end.

Wars, calamities, injustices, violence…

It doesn’t affect us though because we feel they are so far from our experience.

But these things do happen near us too…

There are wars between family members.  There are tremors in relationships with co-workers and friends. There are bumps along the road of our dreams, our health, our careers. People hate us, malign us, threaten us. and we do not feel peace…

These things do not signal the end of the world but they do predict the end of “our” world. And we feel exposed, weak, and vulnerable.

A lady used to be the boss of a very large office. She had many people working for her. She cared for everyone of them. She gave them hope.

One day, after her retirement, she noticed she had no more money to give. She became sick with cancer. Nobody visited her anymore. Nobody invited her to join activities any longer. Nobody wanted to help her with her needs. She lived in fear of the pain of passing away unnoticed.

The Lord tells us that “by your perseverance you will secure your lives.” What does it mean? How does this help us confront the personal disturbances, disarray and distress that life brings us?

It is an invitation to continue to believe

… that God will not abandon us

… that prayers are heard

it is an invitation to hope

… that God is faithful even if people fail us

… that God is powerful, more than all our problems

it is an invitation to love

… through remembrance of people in our prayers

… through forgiveness of those who hurt us

Even if we cannot do something about the things outside of us, we can surely do something about the things within us.

Nothing can rob us of the decision to believe to hope and to love.

This is what “perseverance” means.

We may be powerless today. But something good is happening to the person who trusts in the Lord. In God’s time, his mercy will prevail in our lives.

Thank you Lord for the gift of perseverance.

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