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The rulers didn’t get it: “if he is the Christ, why can’t he save himself?”

… is not the Christ strong, brave, and mighty to defeat our enemies?

The soldiers too, didn’t get it: “if you are King of the Jews save yourself!”

…for did they not hear about his miracles and prophecies circulating around town?

One of the criminals didn’t get it as well: “save yourself, save us too!”

…he was thinking of a God that gives escape, comfort, freedom from pain.

This is the way we still think of God today:

…a powerful God should prevent viruses, storms, earthquakes and wars;

…a wonder-working God should transform our pain into pleasure, our tears into laughter;

…a God of abundance should provide us money, houses, jobs, businesses and a lot of success.

If this is not the God we get, maybe he is no God at all!

Jesus spoke of a Kingdom and he sowed its seeds in the streets and marketplaces

Among the poor, the sick and the outcast.

He said the Kingdom of God is 

…about service, not power or control;

…it unfolds and grows slowly instead of magically or instantly;

…it promises peace and joy that material things cannot provide;

…it brings salvation, but only through 

patience and faith in God, 

and many times even through sacrifice and suffering.

Finally, only the other criminal discovered the Kingdom.

As he looked at Jesus, he saw in him goodness, love, and mercy – “he has done nothing wrong.”

He found in Jesus the mark of the true King: “remember me when you come to your kingdom.”

Jesus brought him there that very hour!

What kingdom are you pursuing today?

…Some people quarrel about money and possessions and forget to respect each other.

…Some parents pay more attention to their business than to the child’s problems.

…Some people work their way up to higher positions by stepping on other people’s heads.

They will never find the Kingdom Jesus preached.

For the Kingdom is 

at the bottom, 

in the heart, 

in the simple things, 

in the places we normally don’t look; 

for Jesus inverted the values of the world and overturned our earthly expectations.

Are you looking for the Kingdom in the same direction Jesus did?

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