The world today is run by loudmouths.

They raise their voice high so that people will think they are strong.

They use vulgar and offensive language so that people will consider them fearless.

They use their platform, whether their government office or their media office to humiliate people.

They want people to think that they are powerful, that they are the idols the world needs to have.

Such is the strategy of

…the elected official who thinks he is more powerful than God

…of the radio announcer who thinks he is battling evil except the evil in himself

…of the cult leader who thinks he can command the earthquake to stop (but cannot stop the longest running soap opera in the country).

No other word is apt for these people but “bully.”

Bullies reign for awhile, and then fade in dishonor and shame.

For there will always be a genuine person who will make the bully fall to his knees one day.

The prophet is different; he is clearly not a bully.

The prophet raises his voice not to project his strength but to extol the greatness of God.

The prophet speaks in conscientious terms but only to bring people back to their senses.

The prophet uses his power not to put down but to help people find the light again.

John the Baptist is the greatest prophet, says the Lord Jesus in the gospel today.

He is faithful to his mission… he lives in simplicity and freedom… he speaks the message of the Lord.

This Advent, the Lord is asking us, who we listen to.

Do we like to listen to the bully because he sounds great to our ears although his message is empty?

Do we listen to the prophet who tells us how to prepare our hearts to be the dwelling place of God?

It is such a shame that in a Christian country like ours, people prefer the words of bullies over the words of prophets.

However, it is also good to ask, are there still prophets in the community of faith?

Are people listening to the bullies because the prophets are nowhere to be found?

While we look for prophets who will lead us to the Lord, consider this:

Maybe you are the prophet who will lead others to

… the truth

… the right way

… the light

… the faith

they need to discover.

Christmas is almost here. Let us pray to the Lord Jesus to help us discover the prophets in our midst, but in a special way, the prophet hiding in our hearts.

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