Today’s gospel is about a family and about the dreams that guided this family.

St. Joseph had a dream that danger was following the Baby Jesus:

        – So he talked to the Virgin Mary and convinced her it was time to go

       – So both parents hurriedly covered the Child and left with the very little they had

       – So they found themselves living in exile, away from home, strangers in a foreign land

It was difficult but it was all for the good of the Lord Jesus they were charged to protect.

No wonder then that when Jesus grew up…

            He was prepared to leave home to launch his own mission

            He felt comfortable living with people he barely knew

            He was compassionate to those who have no homes, 
no stable roots, no comfort

St. Joseph had another dream (I envy this guy; he must have a good sleep all the time!)

He was to return to Israel to bring back the Child Jesus there, in his own land.

But not in the city, not in the marketplace, not near the Temple.

Another dream led the Holy Family to Nazareth

            A place unknown

            A community of ordinary people

          An environment so ordinary that people thought it was worth nothing (“Is there anything good that comes from Nazareth?” – remember Philip’s question?)

In Nazareth however,

               They lived in peace though their life was simple

               They worked hard and so Jesus became responsible

               They loved one another and their neighbors, so they became holy by loving and serving

If there was any place Jesus was truly proud of, it was Nazareth.

He was called Jesus of Nazareth – not of Jerusalem or any other famous place that time!

You see, St Joseph (and Mary too) dreamt for their family. 

Their dreams were very good, but they were not always very easy, comfortable, painless.

But their dreams bore fruit that lasted well into Jesus’ life and ministry; their dreams affect us today and the way we live our faith.

We too dream for our families.

But today many parents dream that their children:

…will not experience pain like they did

…will have all they need… and all they want (even if not needed)

…will be surrounded with all the money, the leisure, the clothes, the travels, the gadgets, that will keep them busy and entertained

…will learn things by themselves and not be disciplined, reprimanded, corrected at home, in school, in church, or anywhere (everything is harassment!)

What is the result? These dreams backfire.

Young people today:

…commit suicide at the slightest problem they encounter

…feel depressed when their cell phone is not working well or there is no wifi

…have self-pity when they cannot join concerts, tours, or vacation with their friends

…think only of themselves and not of others

…know only how to receive without having to give back, or even say ‘thank you’

…think that love is in getting what they want, not what is right for them

Some dreams are big and hard; these make young people who are strong and responsible.

Some dreams are big and empty; these make young people who are wimps and weaklings.

What is your dream for your family?


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