The past weeks and months have been very difficult not only for our country, but for many countries. In fact, it has been a trying time for the entire world.

In the thick of things, people were alarmed. People panicked. People feared the worst.

There was confusion. There were fake news. There were contradicting opinions, analyses, and suggestions.

There was no solution. There was no plan. There was no sure remedy to be found anywhere – not in the scientist’s laboratory, not in the best hospital, not in halls of the White House and of course, not in Malacanang.

But people needed a word to assure them. They wanted a word to give them direction. They clamored for a message to provide a hint of hope.

In the most trying times, we now realize the most important word is not a lecture, a proclamation, an order o a decree. The most important word is a bit of good news.

When Pope Francis decided to give the whole world his message of solidarity and his blessing, his word was basic, simple and timely: Jesus cares for us! More than anyone else in the world, Jesus cares for us! God is with us in our moment of trial!

People everywhere – Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, even unbelievers… appreciated that word.

This Easter time, the third Sunday, we hear the very first words spoken by Peter after the Resurrection (Acts 2: 14. 22-33). It was his first sermon, his first preaching. It is called in Greek, kerygma. We know it as the “first proclamation.”

And his words were simple: Jesus the Nazarene came from God. He came with mighty deeds and signs, yet you killed him. But now he is risen. He now sends you the Holy Spirit from the Father.

The listeners easily understood. They felt the meaning. It touched their hearts. They knew they needed to repent and give God a chance to reign in their hearts.

This Easter, and after going through a difficult time in history due to a virus that shook the world, let us listen over and over again, not to a lecture, a reflection, a seminar, a declaration, but to the simple words of the life, death and triumph of Jesus.

It is this word we need to hear to guide our daily life, to increase our faith, to calm our fear, to guide us back to the Father, and to lead us to salvation.

He is risen! He loves me! He will always be with me!