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How does it feel to live through the world’s longest lockdown?

We started in the middle of Lent and now we emerge out of it at the end of Easter!

No school, no work, no church, no business for two and a half months… how did you survive? That you endured, thank the Lord for that!

Today, it’s Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Apostles (Acts 2:1-11).

And guess what? Before that, the apostles too, were in lockdown!

After Jesus died, the apostles were so afraid of the authorities that they hid from view.

Even after Jesus rose from the dead, they still couldn’t face up to the world, still afraid.

But they remembered the promise of Jesus: he will send the Gift, the Holy Spirit, but they needed to wait and pray.

Let’s imagine them praying: Come, Holy Spirit… Come, Holy Spirit… over and over again.

The Holy Spirit indeed came and the first thing the apostles did was to leave their hiding place and go out in the open spaces to speak about the Lord Jesus Christ!

The fear was gone, the insecurity disappeared, the trembling ceased.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, the apostles spoke and proclaimed the gospel to anyone they met!

Each year, before Pentecost the readings remind us to call on the Holy Spirit.

Our faith teaches us to pray repeatedly: Come, come, come, Holy Spirit. If we are sincere, He will surely come.

But once the Holy Spirit comes, we must stop saying “Come, Holy Spirit!” We cannot keep inviting someone who is already with us.

Instead, we must enjoy His presence, experience His power, and live the life he shares with us.

On Pentecost, the apostles stopped saying “Come” and instead went out in the power of the Holy Spirit to start their new lives as missionaries, as preachers, as witnesses of the Risen Christ.

We are about to leave the confines of our homes.

We are about to return to the usual environments and activities we are accustomed to.

Make sure, you have prayed to the Holy Spirit, “come and fill my heart!” Pope Francis tells us to pray like this often.

In fact, it is a good practice to pray like this each morning upon waking up.

And when you have invited him into your heart, go out confidently to resume your work, to rebuild your life, to restore relationships, to renew your connection with God by serving the people around you each day.

May the Holy Spirit fill you with His presence and empower you to go out and make the world a better place.

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