Trinity Sunday is above all, a feast for the understanding. Many people have a hard time believing this central doctrine of our faith because it seems complicated.


Do you believe in three gods? No, we believe in One God.


Then why are there Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Well, because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three “persons” – is one God! You cannot remove one; you cannot worship one and leave out the other two.


God is one in Three Persons! Got it? And many non-Christians will scratch their heads and stare at us with questioning eyes and open mouth.


There was a debate between a Protestant pastor and a Muslim scholar. The Protestant believes in the Trinity, the central doctrine of Christianity. The Muslim believes in Tawhid, the absolute oneness of God, the core teaching of his religion.


And Muslims, like fundamentalist Christians, will always ask, “where is that in the Bible?” as if the Bible is an encyclopedia. So the Muslim asked the pastor, “show me the word Trinity in the Bible.”


The pastor said the word Trinity is not there at all, like so many words are not there. But the reality is there! The example, the event, the revelation – it’s all there.


Now, the pastor asked the Muslim, “show me the word “tawhid” in the Koran.” The Muslim cannot answer, because that word is also not in the Koran. They believe it but it is not in the Koran.


The debate can go on and on and on until the next pandemic comes (or is prevented) after 100 years! People will not believe what they do not want to believe. And people will continue to live and die for the faith they hold dear.


The Trinity is a feast for the understanding. But remember, human understanding is limited in the presence of the superior wisdom of God. Yes, we will understand even the deepest mystery, but only if we enter into it through experience.


The Trinity is also a feast of encounter with God.


In the first reading, Moses talks to God on the mountain. He begs the Lord: “If I find favor with you, O Lord, do come along in our company. This is indeed a stiff-necked people; yet pardon our wickedness and sins, and receive us as your own” (Ex 34:9).


God is not a God who just sits in heaven watching, governing, or judging the world as we see in other religions.


God took Moses’ invitation seriously and he agreed to “come along” and walk with his people. He is the Father who loves despite the sins of his children.


More than that, he sent his Son Jesus the Lord to do something about this situation of sin. Jesus preached, taught, worked miracles, died and rose from the dead to manifest to us the greatest love in redemption.


When Jesus returned to the Father in heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit to continue guiding, teaching and reminding his people about his words and to complete what he has started in every human heart. The Holy Spirit makes Jesus present always and united with Jesus we are always united with the Father.


The Gospel today, Jn 3:16 is very clear on this.


Others do not know the Trinity because they do not enter into the experience of a God who walks with them. They have a limited view of God.


We know the Trinity because our God “walks” with us, rejoices with us, suffers with us, triumphs with us! We have the complete revelation of God’s love!


As the Lord God walks with us, so too, may we open our hearts to know him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Three Persons in One Godhead!


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