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What has happened to our world?


When we want to win an argument, we raise our voice to sound right, though we are wrong.


When we want to get our way, we resort to bashing and shaming others on social media.


When we want to get something quick, we resort to blackmail and threats.


When we want to squash an enemy, we are ready to harm and even kill another person.


We assert our rights by being harsh, violent and reckless.


That is why relationships are fragile, fleeting and fragmentary in today’s world.


God shows us a different way of relating, a different way of acting towards our neighbors.


The prophet Zechariah (ch. 9) foretells the coming of the Prince of Peace – a King and a Savior – who comes in meekness and kindness.


He conquers the land without raising his voice or without raising his hand against anyone. He simply shares peace.


In the Gospel (Mt 11), the Lord Jesus invites us to observe him. His heart is full of meekness and humility.


All who need rest from the troubles of life can come to him and find comfort.


The Lord is proposing a solution to our violent, prideful and angry world. We need to discover the path of gentleness.


Why raise your voice when it is better to sit down and discuss solutions?


Why shame others when respect and diplomacy can get you what you want?


Why use threats and fear when friendship is more effective?


Why be a force of destruction when you have the power to be build up and inspire?


Why contribute to a broken world when you can be an instrument of unity and peace?


People think that gentleness is weakness but God shows us that gentleness is power.


The gentleness of Jesus on the Cross was more powerful than the violence of his killers.


The gentleness of a martyr is more inspiring than the force of his attackers.


The gentleness of a mother heals a child’s broken body.


The gentleness of a friend is the source of abiding joy and peace.


St. Francis de Sales said: Nothing is strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.


Are you gentle like Jesus in your words, in your behavior, in your thoughts?