The recent lockdowns due to the corona virus revealed the new face of young people today


…Carefree, fun-seekers, “tiktokers,” crazy for Netflix, addicted to social media


…averse to online class, armed with hateful texts and negative comments


To observe them was to lose hope in the future. Are these the people who will tackle the next worldwide pandemic… with their ignorance? With their indifference?


But as the crisis continued, many young people began to think…


… about their future, about their parents, about the country


Some of them learned to earn money through online jobs… to help their parents find a way… to prepare for the opening of classes once more.


Could this be the start of change… and hope for society?


In the first reading today, we read about the young king Solomon (1 Kings 3) who, when God appeared to him in a dream asking what he wanted, gave the most amazing answer.


Not long life, riches, victory or power. Instead he asked for wisdom to govern other right.


This pleased the Lord and he gave Solomon a heart so wise and understanding… a wisdom that has no equal.


In life, God allows us to make many choices… some easy  and others difficult.


To choose between a good thing and an evil thing… between the right and wrong is easy.


Choose the good… follow what is right. The other path is dangerous and harmful.


But sometimes we have to choose between one good thing and another.


To rest or to work… to study or to relax… to make things happen or to wait for the proper time… to share or to save for the future…


Between two or more good things, the Lord invites us to discover what for us will be, “the treasure buried in a field,” or “the pearl of great price.”


What will give our lives the meaning, the purpose, the fulfillment we truly desire.


What will give our hearts true peace, joy and rest.


In making choices we are not as wise as Solomon. Many times we make wrong choices because our knowledge is limited.


Maybe if we learn to think deeply, to reflect seriously and to pray sincerely, we will have the insight we need to make the best choices in life.


Let us ask the Holy Spirit that in making choices, we will pick the ones that make him happy, that pleases him, and that contributes to our salvation.


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