It’s a shame to admit it, but the world is really unfair. Want proof?


The rich get richer… the poor, however they strive, remain miserable.


The influential gets heard very easily… the nobodies cannot even open their mouths.


Who has access to the best medicines, the specialty stores, the exclusive clubs?


Who gets the better treatment in school, in the government, and even in the church?


It is obvious. Life is unfair to the poor, the weak, the ignorant, the little ones of society.


Around the world the sting of discrimination, exclusion and oppression is felt by those who are already living in the margins.


It seems unthinkable that this happens at a time when technology is at its peak, intelligence is vast and profound, and the world has shrunk into a real global village.


God is not unfair. In fact, we are the ones who are unfair to each other. In the reading today (Ezek 18), the Lord confronts us with a painful question: “are not ways unfair?”


It is the Lord who teaches us the way to fairness, the way to justice, the way to equality… and this is the way of his mercy, his closeness, his love for those who are rejected by others, specially the sinner!


Left to ourselves, we will stuff our own pockets before sharing with others, hoard material goods than leave something for others, climb the ladder while stepping on others’ heads, finish the food at table without thinking of those coming next. Our selfishness, our self-centeredness , our greed makes us unfair.


But the Lord is a father with a heart so great as to embrace all, a heart so understanding as to pardon every sin, a heart so generous as to give without reserve, a heart so fair as to give chances to those who are lost, late and least.


All it takes is also a heart that will say yes to his invitation to follow him, to obey him, to love him in return. And this yes is proven also by mercy… our acts of mercy towards each other, specially the most needy.


Why are we surprised when we read about Jesus forgiving the most sinful people, when we hear about God giving chances for the wicked to transform, or when we see the Lord restoring dignity to those who disobeyed him and disregarded him?


It is because our way is the way of judgment and condemnation. We want to close doors to those we do not like. We delight in retribution and revenge. We think it is fair when some people are left outside or standing last in line, or banished from our sight.


For our heavenly Father, and for Jesus, fair is when everyone is back home, when everyone is reconciled, when everyone is forgiven, when everyone is treated with love and dignity, in spite of their past.


Let us imitate the Lord in his practice of forgiveness, generosity, kindness and mercy. Let us give others a fair chance to discover, through us, how good and loving God is!


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