Before, we only thought of a virus as some nuisance on our computer programs, which was even then, easy to resolve with the help of a computer expert.


Then the pandemic directed our minds to the virus on the medical plane, which only scientist used to think seriously about.


Little did we know how much an unseen virus, so tiny no one could actually even feel it coming, could affect global affairs and alter all of our lifestyles.


The virus baffled scientists, troubled politicians, shook the educational system, stopped businesses, emptied streets of people, and caused so many deaths around the world.


I believe though that on the personal level, the virus made people cry.


We cried for the suffering of the sick and for the death of the vulnerable. We cried as businesses registered losses and as food supplies grew scarce.


We cried for those who lost jobs and for those who could no longer go to school. We cried for closed churches and locked homes and communities. We cried for many other reasons.


I have a friend whose personal life was so affected by the pandemic that until now, she said, she continues to cry, not knowing when she will ever stop.


What does our faith tell us about tears?


Aside from being a natural outlet for our sadness, grief and fears, tears are also spiritually powerful. It has a cleansing effect when we feel guilt or remorse for sin, when we find ourselves helpless in prayer before the Lord, when we are touched by God’s mercy and kindness…


Tears also attract the attention of the Lord. The first reading (Is 25) says: The Lord GOD will wipe away the tears from every face…” God is not indifferent to the sufferings of his people. He does not want his children to live in fear, or sadness or pain.


The Lord’s plan for us is to experience his abundant feast. The gospel today (Mt 22) tells of a king who invites all his neighbors to the wedding feast of his son.


It is not easy to attend a feast and rejoice in it when we are in tears. The Lord knows that due to tears, people cannot feel the rejoicing even if surrounded with music and food.


So the Lord says he will wipe away our tears. What a touching gesture. Imagine the Lord himself removing tears from our eyes.


This is a promise of his mercy, a promise of his help. If we cry before the Lord, he will not disappoint us; he will help us rise again, begin again, smile again, live again.


And so, the Lord’s invitation for us this week is not to be ashamed of our tears. It is alright to cry before him. Share with him our pain and know that yes, he cries with us. And in his own perfect time, he will replace our tears with smiles and laughters.


Believe this. Hope in this. Receive his promise!


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