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The first reading (Exo. 22) reminds people what it means to believe in God: not to oppress others, not to hurt widows and orphans, not to extort the poor, not to steal from the need, but to imitate the Lord who is compassionate.


In a word, if you have found the living and true God, you must help instead of injuring, lift up instead of putting down, give and not enrich oneself, be considerate instead of being judgmental. You must prove your love for God by acting the way God acts towards the least in our midst.


This is also the message of the Gospel today (Mt 22): there is only one love that finds expression in two ways- love of God and love of neighbor as yourself.


Loving God is spiritual but though it is spiritual, it must find expression in the natural, in the concrete, in the world of real people living and working with others. So the question is: how do you love the Lord in such a way that your love flows into the way you relate with your brothers and sisters?


The answer I propose is simple. We love God in a real way when we treat people with kindness. Kindness is a gift of the Holy Spirit according to Gal. 5:22.


With kindness you do avoid cruelty to other, you start being considerate of others, and you do not forget to make other people happy. How do we live in an attitude of kindness?


First, be kind to people’s hearts. Many times we hurt people’s feelings by the words we speak. We hurt people when we ignore them or deliberately show them we do not care. Words and actions of indifference cut through the heart like a sword and so many people live brokenhearted or die in pain because people have been unkind.


Smile at people (even in face mask!), encourage people, make people feel appreciated and loved.


Second, be kind to people’s bodies. We live in a world of cruelty. There is much violence in the home, in the streets, and in the community. People do not show respect to women, to old people, to the young and to the poor. Some people work like horses in our homes and we do not care if they are tired or they feel bad or sick.


Treat others as you would treat yourself. Share love and respect.


Lastly, be kind to people’s souls. When was the last time you thought of the soul of another person? Have you considered guiding that person closer to the Lord? Have you shared the Gospel to anyone in your life? Do you pray that others may find Jesus and receive him in their hearts as Lord and King?


Think of other people’s complete welfare. Do not destroy their faith but be an example of living faith they can imitate.


Loving God is easy to say. But to love God is to live in kindness. Pray to the Lord for the gift to be kind today and always.


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