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The reading from Proverbs 31 is a glowing tribute to an excellent woman.


She is an ideal wife and mother. Her husband takes pride in her and she is the joy of her children.


In an ideal situation, the good woman manages the household with love and care.  She wisely treasures what her husband gives her. She makes sure everything is in place and all the needs of the family members are met.


Let us stretch our imagination further…


In a less than ideal situation, a good woman thrives in creativity. She makes ends meet with what little is available.


She wastes no time in complaining and whining. She manifests resilience and adapts to new situations for the sake of her loved ones.


She works hard and tries to help her husband, even venturing outside the home to help bring home the bacon.


It is heartwarming to know that the Bible knows women such as these. For sure, we have met some in our own lives too! The description is so realistic; the tribute is always timely!


What is the secret of good women, whether wife and mother, wife but not a mother, single mother, or just single? What is the ingredient of their success? How do they thrive in good times and fight for survival in bad?


I believe it is the struggle to remain faithful because of love; not necessarily always feeling in love but deciding to stay in love… with the people they care about.


The Gospel (Mt 25) basically depicts 2 kinds of servants of the master – there are faithful ones, in varying degrees of loyalty, and there unfaithful ones.  Both kinds of servants have been trusted by their master.


They have all received love. But only the faithful ones loved their master back by treasuring and increasing the yield of the talents given to them. The unfaithful servant received love and trust but had no love to give in return.


In the end, the message of our readings is not about good women or about faithful servants. It is about all of us whose love today is put to question.


We have all gone through extreme trials in life these past months. Through it all we have seen how God’s love works simply, even miraculously, to allow us to survive and remain strong. We are all truly loved.


Do we love God enough to show him our fidelity? Another year, a difficult one, is about to end. God has been faithful in love and mercy. How do we show our gratitude? How do we repay love with love?




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