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If we need proof that Jesus truly became one of us — that from heaven he came down and embraced our human nature —then this is it! The Lord Jesus was subjected to temptations in the desert, right after he was baptized. How more human can he be than that?


In our lives temptations come and go; most of the time they occur when we just came out of church or right after we pray or even while we are reading the Bible. Temptations are just waiting to snatch us away from any trace of holiness or goodness we are trying to achieve.


But of course, there is a major difference between the Lord Jesus and us — he did not fall into sin. Tempted all over, yet the Lord was resolute in his decision to obey only the Father, not the voices that invite him to comfort, pleasure and selfishness. What was the secret of Jesus strength in the midst of the temptations? The Gospel (Mk 1) says: The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert… The Lord was not alone; he had a companion. This companion was the Holy Spirit. Forty days of temptations could not pull him down because he was filled with the strength of the Holy Spirit. He held on to the Spirit’s presence in his heart.


If Jesus needed the Holy Spirit in the moments he was tempted, do we not also have need of the same divine Presence? As we start with Lent, we recall the many times temptations surround us and the many times we gave in to its empty promises of passing joy. Let us make the resolution to always call on the Holy Spirit, to forge a relationship with this God who lives in our hearts as children of the Father. When temptations come, and even before they come, let us make it a habit to pray: Come Holy Spirit! Come and make me strong for God!


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