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What was Jesus doing on the mountain? The simple answer is: He was preparing for his death.

At the Transfiguration, two figures from the past appeared together with the Lord: Moses and Elijah. Of course, Moses is the representative of the Law of Israel; he was the lawgiver at Sinai.

Elijah, for his part, represented all the prophets God sent to his people. The Law pointed to the Messiah as its embodiment. The Prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah as the fulfillment of all God’s messages.


Moses and Elijah were in conversation with Jesus. They were discussing how the fulfillment of law and prophecy would come about. And this could only be possible through the Cross. Jesus had to undergo pain and suffering in order to perform the mission he was sent for. But that was not all. They were also talking with the Lord about the Resurrection. After the cross, comes the resurrection. After the passion, comes the glory! And the Transfiguration of Jesus, this marvelous miracle was already a sign of the power of the Resurrection.


Why where the apostles on the mountain too? The Lord Jesus took them along for the same purposes he was there. As they witnessed the miracle, they too are being prepared for their death. They were not the Messiah but only his followers. If the Master will suffer, the disciples too will experience the same. No one among Jesus’ followers can escape the cross.


But the apostles were also being prepared for glory, for the Resurrection. When they suffer, they will remember that that is not the end. If they suffer faithfully with Christ, they will also share his Resurrection. The glory Jesus promises them will be a goal to achieve, a finish line to cross.


In our lives do we not see many challenges and problems too? Everyday we are faced with death in all forms: sickness, problems in the family, in relationships, at work, in the business, in school, or pains other people cause us. We need the Lord to understand why all these are happening and why we must confront and not run away from these challenges.


When we are going through difficult moments, let us get our inspiration from Jesus and the apostles who faithfully suffered. Let us also remember that our end is not death or suffering but the Resurrection. It will come, if we also hold on to the Lord!


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