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Jn 12: 20-33




A great spiritual adviser told his student: “If you are obsessed with money, money will be hard to come by. Even if you become the richest person on earth, you will feel lacking and in need of more riches.” Isn’t this so true? People who are greedy are never satisfied. Their hearts continue to crave for what they can still acquire.


The Lord Jesus says something even deeper than this spiritual adviser: “Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world, will preserve it for eternal life.” Here the Lord is referring to the life that is worldly, materialistic, temporary and passing. People who are attached to this kind of life are not happy people. They are not satisfied with the honors they get from others. They are not happy with the wealth they have accumulated. They feel threatened with negative publicity. They cannot sleep if not everyone agrees with their ideas or plans.


It is really the simple people who find the key to happiness in life. Look at St Francis of Assisi; look at Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta. They loved life… but a different kind of life. Theirs was a life of loving, giving and serving. Jesus is our true model in appreciating life. He cherished his life so much that he knew it had to be given away so others may live. This is the most meaningful kind of life.


This Lent, take time to review your life. Are you becoming obsessed with material or worldly things? Or do you enjoy sharing your life with others? Are you happy to give your life away so that others may live too?


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