When Jesus was arrested, one of the charges made against him was that he claimed that if the Temple were destroyed, he would build it up again in three days. The Temple was for the Jews, the most sacred building. It was for them the pinnacle of God’s dwelling place among men and his privileged meeting place with his people. It took all of forty years to build, so how could anyone rebuild it in three days?


Of course, the Lord was referring to the real Temple of God, his Body. in death, it would be destroyed but through the resurrection, after three days, I would be raised up! When Jesus said these things, the apostles did not fully understand. The gospel says, they began to believe after he was raised up. They believed because what Jesus said about his body came true!


Jesus is more than just a prophet proclaiming God’s Word. He is the very Word of the Father, the final Word of God for all humanity. He is not only someone who fulfills an action ordered by God. His life, the whole of it, was God’s action in the world. But the disciples were too familiar with him to believe immediately everything Jesus said. It will take time, after the resurrection, when their faith is kindled. This is what is called “the Resurrection or Easter faith” of the first disciples.


As we go through Lent again, can you really say that you believe in Jesus? Do you believe it when he says he forgives you… he will help and heal you… he will deliver you from harm and provide for you… he will guide you through the storms and protect you?


Lent is the time to believe in Jesus again. Let us ask him for the gift of true faith in him.  (please share with a friend… thanks to the internet for the photo above)