Lk 24: 35-48




This is baffling for us to even think about. How can the two disciples on the way to Emmaus not know that they were travelling with Jesus on the road? How can the other disciples not believe the testimony of these two when they finally shared their experience with them? How can the disciples think of Jesus as a ghost when he appeared? Why did they need to have another proof – having Jesus eat something in their presence – before finally their hearts and minds can be opened?


They shared Jesus’ life for years. Jesus taught them, preached to them, and explained to them the mystery of his life. They heard, they saw, they touched him. If there were to be experts on Jesus, it would be the same disciples he formed and guided through the years.


And yet, there was much they didn’t know. The disciples did not know how to react when Jesus was arrested. They did not know what to make of the Crucifixion. They did not know how to face the people. Maybe they doubted if Jesus’ promises were true and so they did not expect his Resurrection. This led them to fear, to hiding, and to unbelief.


In our life of faith, there is always a combination of knowing and “not knowing,” of knowledge and ignorance. We think we know a lot because we study, we heard, we were told. But all that is in our minds. If we only rely on what we know sometimes we will get stuck. There will be no room for growth. There will be no more surprises. There will be less room for amazement.


That is why, we need to admit that there’s much we also do not know. This ignorance is the way God uses to show us new things, to bring us new experiences, to lead us to new understanding. The disciples’ ignorance of the full message of Jesus made it possible for Jesus to step in and lead them to a new horizon. Because they were honest and humble enough to admit that they reached a dead-end, then Jesus gave them a new reason to believe, to be brave, and to live in hope.


When sometimes we do not understand what is happening in our lives, and when even our faith is not enough to give us the answers, let us call on Jesus to rescue us and to show his power in a way that will surprise us, delight us and excite us again.


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