Jn 15: 9-17




A true friend is a rare treasure. Just imagine, how on earth can you feel so close and trusting to someone who does not live in the same house with you? to someone who do not share a common bloodline with you? Yet, with a friend, you enjoy every moment, share deepest secrets, listen to words that encourage, console and even correct you not once but many times. You do not always agree, but you do find doing things together just fun and fulfilling.


In today’s Gospel, the Lord Jesus tells his disciples that he no longer considers them slaves but friends. But I wonder: when did Jesus treat or even call his followers his slaves? Never, I suppose. However, he was playing on the mentality of the people around him, who think of God as distant, indifferent, and uninvolved. Jesus is telling them to stop thinking along this paradigm and begin to see God in a new way. Jesus is offering a new kind of relationship between God and people – friendship!


Friendship is formed when people share something in common. Often it also ceases when there is no longer anything in common between people. People may be very different in character or temperament, in social status or educational background, but they become friends due to a common passion – sports, hobbies, interests, work, etc. For Jesus and his disciples this common element is the Kingdom of the Father. They were brought together by the desire to love, serve, give, and sacrifice for the good of others, for the salvation of the world.


A good friend is a source of life, even if he doesn’t know it. He inspires his friends to live in joy and to surmount the difficulties of life. A real friend shows up when you are sad, mourning, broke or devastated in life. And he is not afraid nor ashamed to stand by you when things go wrong. Other people can join you for parties or drinking or touring, but will not be there when you need them.


On this Easter week, Jesus is revealing himself as our True Friend, as the one who really cares for us and promises to take care of everything for us. Do we also acknowledge his friendship? Do we have hearts open to let this Friend enter and commune with us? Take time this week to savor the friendship of Jesus and to plan ways to grow in his friendship. Remember too, the true friends you have around you and maybe, make a small gesture of gratitude and love towards them. Finally, be a good friend to someone in need today! God bless you!


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