It has been forty days since Jesus rose gloriously from the dead. He has appeared to his disciples to instruct them and prepare them for their mission. He gave them power to preach in a way that is so powerful as to convert even their enemies. He gave them power to work wonders, miracles never before seen on earth, in order to convince people of the truth of their words.


if people will not listen to their words, they will be swayed by their works. If people are drawn by their works, then they will take interest in his words. Jesus may be physically in heaven, but spiritually his power remains here on earth.


The signs the Lord Jesus gave to his disciples were powerful: they can repulse demons, resist dangers, speak in foreign tongues, and heal the sick. The Bible abounds with the list of miracles of the apostles. Early Christianity recounts wonders of the early preachers of the Word. Saints are blessed to perform miracles for the sake of the needy and the doubtful.


But where are these powers today? Why do we not witness astounding miracles in our lives? Where are the disciples of today who can do marvels in Jesus’ name? I believe that our age is not deprived of miracles. But whereas the apostles worked miracles of power, today Christians have the gift of miracles of compassion and mercy.


We were praying for the end of the pandemic, but things got even worse! Was there no power in our prayer? Did God not answer us? But look closely. God did not magically end the pandemic so that the real miracles we need to see might happen.


It is a miracle when people empty their storage in order to share their food to the poor in the community pantries. It is a miracle when frontliners forget self and family just to be able to cure those infected of the virus. It is a miracle when teachers with little support, continue to teach students online and deliver modules to far-flung areas. It is a miracle then social media became a temporary church offering daily the Word of God, the Mass and devotions. It is a miracle when people became creative in consoling one another in the midst of the isolation and lockdowns.


If you are looking for miracles, do not look up! Jesus has already empowered you to become a source of miracles in this world. Look at yourself and ask how you can share his love and mercy each day. Jesus gives his power to us. Let us now share the miracle of love all around us.


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