Mt 28: 16-20




Today we can say that what we celebrate is the feast of love, of God who is love, of God who loves us. Many times when we mention God’s love, we tend to think of an idea. But God’s love is not a concept, it is not abstract, something hanging in the air. God’s love is not the sort of love spoken of by poets, philosophers, and dreamers. Words… just sweet words…


When Christians say love, that love is concrete, real, and true. God is love and his love is what we experience in our lives from the time of our baptism. God who is love is Father, Son and Holy Spirit to us.


When God the Father expressed the fullness of his love for us, he sent us his Son to redeem us on the Cross and by his Resurrection. He also sends us the Holy Spirit today to continue feeling and knowing that we are loved.


What is more real than seeing God’s Son hanging on a cross to take our sins on himself and to set us free? What is more real than knowing he is risen and he is present among us and loving us to the end?


What is more real than knowing that the Holy Spirit lives in our hearts to transform and convert us to God slowly each day? Everyday, we feel the love of the Father by accepting the love of the Son and of the Holy Spirit  and sharing that same love to others around us.


This is what makes our faith different and unique. We can speak of love because we know and experience the God of love in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Religions who believe in God but do not believe in the Trinity rarely, if ever, speak of love. Some of them speak of the power of God, some dwell on the peace of God, some on the knowledge of God. But only Christians, people who accept the Trinity, speak of love because that is what the Trinity is. One God in Three Persons – the God who shares his love to us.


Next time you make the Sign of the Cross, ask God to fill you with love and to give you the grace to share it with the next person you meet. Amen.