Mk 7: 1-18 14-15 21-23




When former President Noynoy Aquino died, many people realized how they have misjudged him while he was in office. They branded him as snob and elitist, only to find out from his closest friends that he was really a shy person. They called him indifferent and unfeeling, when in fact, he just didn’t want to grab the limelight from the people who deserved it more. They said he didn’t pray as much as his mom Cory, though he was really a silent and reflective person in his own way.


The Gospel speaks directly about this quality of our relationships. Looking at others, we are prone to judge people superficially. We see the cover and mistake it for the contents. We observe the movement and mistake it for the motive. What sets us apart then, from the Pharisees and the scribes of Jesus’ time?


Jesus was surrounded and followed by judgmental people. Maybe we can say, they are the original, biblical “bashers.” Always on the lookout for mistakes and lapses, these enemies of the Lord Jesus were like our modern “trolls” destroying what they don’t really know and understand. They are driven only by the desire to incite anger, hatred and destruction.


What is really sad, was that these were also religious people. in doing what they did, they thought they did God a favor. Today, we cannot deny that brothers and sisters in our parishes, bible groups, fellowships – the most pious and devout – are also among the ones with the most venomous tongues. They are ready to slash and tear down when they pronounce judgment on “those sinners” who are unlike them. They are callous to the feelings of those they malign. Do they know that in fact, they are hurting God’s very heart?


Have you judged an action without knowing the reason behind it? Have you reacted to someone based on appearance only? Have you joined gossips instead of talking personally to the person involved? Jesus said, people who do this honor God only with their lips and worship Him in vain.

Forgive me, Lord, and deliver me from rash judgment!