LK 21: 25-28, 34-36


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It’s surprising to find ourselves in this second Advent season within the pandemic! Christmas is around the corner, and we still made it! There are people who did not live to see this celebration this year, and yet, we are here, with God’s grace. This is a cause for gratitude to the Lord!


By this time, most of us probably know what Advent truly means; what waiting truly entails. We wait at home during lockdowns; we wait for the easing of restrictions; we wait for our turn for vaccination; we wait for the resumption of face to face offices, classes, and other social events. But Advent waiting is not about a boring, tedious, gloomy waiting. Above all, it is waiting for a visit from someone we love.


Don’t we wait in excitement when we know a friend is dropping by? When a family member is coming to say hello? When a delivery man is arriving with a package from someone who cares?

When I tested positive for Covid, I had to undergo quarantine. But a doctor friend who learned of it told me he would come to check on my situation. Not having seen him for a long time, I was filled with joy that finally we will meet again.


But then, I remembered my situation. I was afraid he might be infected. I thought of the disarray at home because I couldn’t tidy up and clean for several days. I thought of the preparations for food or refreshments that I couldn’t make. So I told my friend not to come. Aren’t there occasions when instead of being just happy for a coming visit, that we feel we are unworthy of it because our situation is not right?


In the Gospel, the Lord Jesus says that he will come, not because things are perfectly in order. He will come when the heavenly bodies show ominous signs, when nations are in dismay, when the seas and the waves are in turmoil. He will come when people are falling down in fear. The Lord’s coming is not hindered by bad events or situation. In fact, he will come precisely to strengthen, encourage, and pacify us in those situations.


What is your situation at the moment? Are you experiencing personal struggles, family problems, financial distress, mental health issues? This Advent is for you. Let the Lord Jesus visit you and embrace you. Let him assure you of his love. Let him redeem you from your fears.