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LK 2: 1-14




Have you ever wondered why in the Nativity scene, keeping vigil before the Christ Child, are the customary figures of an ox and an ass? Of course, there are also other animals around, like the sheep (perhaps brought by the shepherds) and the camel (the mode of transport of the Magi). But the ox and ass are not random animals for decorating this adorable scene. They are in fact there to remind us of a biblical prophecy.


Isaiah 1:3 says: “The ox knows its owner, and the donkey its master’s crib, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand.” It is amazing how animals show loyalty to their human parents, as we call them now. My dogs, cared for by a friend, behave as if they see a celebrity each time I come to visit them. The ox and the ass are symbols of recognition, welcome and loyalty to their master. Ironically, people most of the time, though endowed with higher faculties than animals, fail to recognize and honor their real Master.


The Christmas gospel shows us how very few were the people whose heart beat faster at the sight of new-born Child. We find Mary, the world’s best offering to God, who welcomed Jesus in her heart, carried him in her womb and nursed him on her breast. There is Joseph, representing the human traits most pleasing to God – silence, prudent judgment, obedience and service. The shepherds are here too, to show how simple faith attract the attention and compassion of the Father.


For many of us today, even in the midst of the pandemic, the real meaning of Christmas is subordinated to eating, drinking, shopping, and travelling out of town. There is nothing wrong in celebrating and connecting with people. But on this day and in this season, do we first of all remember our God? Do we recognize his coming in his Son born in a humble manger? Do we renew our love and devotion to him who has come to redeem us from our sins?


In a short film called “Angela’s Christmas,” a young girl noticed how the Baby Jesus on the church altar seemed to be lightly clad and thus must be freezing cold. She snuck back to church at night, brought the Baby Jesus home and put him on her warm bed. The whole town searched for the image and Angela was forced to surrender him back to the church. The innocent girl felt a strong connection with the Lord Jesus on Christmas day.


Let us pray for the grace to remember the deeper meaning of this day. In the midst of our celebration, let us not forget to recognize and acknowledge Jesus in our hearts and specially in the person of the most needy and suffering around us.

A Merry Christmas to all!

FOR THE TYPHOON ODETTE AFFECTED PERSONS: LOVE AND CARE!  let us listen to this song and offer it to the Lord for them: