LK 3: 15-16, 21-22





Do people really enjoy social media? Research showed that many people focused on social media are actually prone to depression. People above 35 who use Tiktok and Snapchat report feeling low spirits after some time. Likewise, Facebook patrons below 35 report heavy hearts after engaging in the app.


Why is this so? Social media displays the supposed happy, content, and vibrant lives of people. Instagram couples are always very charming and Facebook families seem perfect as they share laughter, good food, fun travel and excellent relationships. People who view these projected images of personal bliss or family success tend to compare their own situations and feeling inadequate, fall into envy, regret, and longing. Add to this, social media is a seedbed of uncontrolled anger, hatred, and competition. This can influence people to be negative.


Today as we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, we see Jesus basking in the joy of being his Father’s Son. The Lord Jesus gained a robust optimism through the affirmation given to him by the One who truly loved him and knew him. He was not an ordinary prophet, rabbi, or miracle worker. He was the Father’s “beloved Son” and he enjoyed the pleasure of his assuring love.


We rarely hear about it and we rarely even think of it. But the deepest reality of our lives is that we are children of God. Yes, each one a daughter or son of the God who lovingly created us and now desires to relate with us. If like Jesus, we are always conscious that we are children of God, then we will render him fitting adoration and praise. If we are convinced we are children of God, then we will offer all that we do and think, in our daily lives, to him who delights in the offering of his children.


Like Jesus we were baptized, some as infants and others as adults. In baptism we were forever grafted to the Trinity, having God for our Father, Jesus for our Brother, and the Holy Spirit as our Intimate Friend and Guide. More than ever, we need to remember this truth, this fact, today because there are so many events, people and things that distract us from this reality.


Perhaps we have an idea of the day of our baptism only in pictures and videos. Much less, do we have feelings attached to that momentous day. But as we return to ordinary time, we are reminded of our kinship with God. For God, we are important. For God, we are precious. May we remember this the next time our immersion in social media or any other experience tries to bring us to sadness and depression. We turn, not to social media for confirmation, but to God who calls us to live in his love.