THE CLOUD

          LK 9: 28-36




The event of Jesus’ Transfiguration is an excellent arena to encounter the Trinity – God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one divinity in three Persons. Jesus, the Son of God, is the central figure in the tableau. The Father speaks from heaven with delight about his Son. And where is the Holy Spirit? Some biblical experts say that the cloud that slowly enveloped the disciples is the presence of the Spirit of the Living God.


The disciples marveled at the transfigured form of their Master and Peter started conversing with the Lord. But when the cloud came, the gospel says that the disciples became afraid. Why? What is it like to be surrounded by a cloud? When we were young we thought that we could touch the clouds if we are able to fly. Kids say when they get to a plane, they will scoop the cloud from the window and eat it like cotton candy.


For those who have been caught in the midst of a cloud on top of the mountain, the experience is just extraordinary. You are surrounded by a white hazy mist. You can barely see anything and yet you feel the cool sensation of the vapors that make up the cloud. It is like being swallowed up by a light, energizing fog.


At the Annunciation, the Holy Spirit descended on the Blessed Virgin Mary and her life was changed forever. Now at the Transfiguration, the Holy Spirit descends on the mountain not only on Jesus but on the disciples, too, to signal to them that change is coming to their lives. The experience of Jesus will be their experience if they allow themselves to be transfigured like him.


Jesus, in St. Luke’s gospel, is always accompanied by the Spirit of God. In his conception, baptism, ministry, and even in his passion and death, the Holy Spirit makes his presence known. While Jesus is God’s own Son, he needed the Holy Spirit, not once, but again and again in his life. Jesus is giving us an example here. The Lord is inviting us to encounter the Holy Spirit in order to experience deep and lasting change, transfiguration, within our hearts.


Allow yourself to experience being enveloped by the cloud that comes from God. Dispel every fear that hinders us to be open to the Spirit who brings us close to God’s heart. This Lenten season, let us ask the Holy Spirit to change us inwardly so that we can emerge from the mountain of prayer and sacrifice as renewed children of God and brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ. Last week, we were asked to hold on to God’s Word. This week we are invited to experience the Holy Spirit.