Jn 20:19-31


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When a person found out he had a serious illness, he was terrified. A simple person, with no medical insurance, the crippling cost of hospitalization and medicine worried him. But months into the healing process, he confessed to the marvels he experienced as friends, relatives and even total strangers contributed to his treatment. God did not abandon him; he did not only have enough, but more than what he expected!


Did the apostles deserve a second chance? By the look of things, what the apostles did could only be described as cowardice. Imagine your Master being crucified, and not one raised his voice against it; not one tried to prevent it; and en masse, all fled. But here was Jesus on that Easter evening, visiting his friends and bidding them peace, extending to them forgiveness.


Jesus was not about to turn his back on his apostles just because they were weak. He was not about to abandon them just as they did to him. The power of love, God’s love raised Jesus from the dead; his love was stronger than death. And so it was stronger than all the negative forces in nature and in human life. That is why the Risen Christ did not come for revenge but for peace. He did not come to punish but to forgive.


Seeing his disciples in fear, confusion and desolation, Jesus could not bear to witness them retreating to their former lives and forgetting everything they all went through together for the sake of the Kingdom. Three years he taught them and he must see all his efforts fructify and flower into freshness and boldness. These weak people were meant to be vessels of mercy, the mercy he showed them in his words and in his examples.


Through the Resurrection, God’s investment in the world continues. Not even death can put an end to the good intentions of the Lord. Human weakness cannot hinder the flow of God’s love for and trust in us. God wants to journey with us not when we are strong and confident and successful. Jesus comes to our aid when we are down, forlorn, and beaten. The mercy of God is our inspiration to live again, to fight the good fight, to continue sharing ourselves to the people around us.


The gospel says not all things were written about the Risen Christ. Why? Because his presence continues to be felt, his power continues to manifest, his miracles still abound… not anymore to the apostles but to us. We are the recipients of his mercy today. My friend experienced the Merciful Jesus in his illness. How do you experience the mercy of the Lord in your life?