JN 14: 23-29




A young professional was consulting his priest-friend about the restlessness and dissatisfaction in his life in spite of his relatively good life and stable job. After listening to him, the priest made a strong but laconic remark: What about peace? Maybe it’s time to ask the Lord to give you peace.


If there is anything that recent world events can teach us, it is the fragility of peace. The pandemic disturbed our lives like no universal phenomenon could. While this worldwide problem was still raging, some countries resumed their itch for war. And more and more people are complaining of the hurdles they have to overcome in terms of their mental health regardless of status or wealth.  Peace is an elusive commodity.


John’s gospel is very rich in meaning. On the one hand, it tells us about the unity of Jesus with his heavenly Father, the unity that enables him to spread God’s love on earth. On the other hand, it speaks about the Gift that Jesus is preparing his disciples to receive, the gift of the Holy Spirit. Aside from strengthening our faith, this Spirit will bestow the gift of peace. “My peace I give you… Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.”


As Easter winds up, the Lord prepares us today to welcome a Beloved Guest, an intimate Friend, an abiding Presence – the Holy Spirit. God the Father sends the Spirit in the name of the Son and so manifests the unity of the Three Persons in God. The Holy Spirit was Jesus’ companion all throughout his life, giving him strength for mission, power to transform hearts, and authority to bestow peace. This peace Jesus promises to send through the Spirit is not the absence of problems, or the cessation of war – not the worldly definition of peace. This peace is the assurance that we belong to God and that if we put our trust in him, there is no reason for fear.


It boggles the mind why some people can be comfortable without peace. Some people prefer to carry grudges all their lives. Some refuse to forgive even in their death bed. Some countries revel in conflict and destruction mindless of the trauma these create in people. But for the majority of people, there is no alternative to peace! Peace is the gift they hope to contain in their hearts and share with the world.


Do you sleep in peace each night? Is there any area in your life, any relationship, any concern that troubles you? Prepare your heart for the Gift of the Father and of Jesus. Open your heart to the coming of the Spirit who will fill you with peace. Allow yourself to experience Easter peace each moment of your life. Say often with trust: Come, Holy Spirit!


thanks, fr tam nguyen, for the photo!