LK 10: 1-12, 17-20




I recently met a woman who proudly introduced herself as a missionary. She spoke of her enthusiasm to go places and meet people so that she can share the Gospel. But she also quickly clarified that she was not a Catholic.


Mission is not part of the consciousness of an ordinary Catholic. We attribute mission work to those in the priesthood or religious life, but not to the majority of Catholics who are husbands and wives, workers and students, and ordinary church goers. Because of this, our witnessing as Catholics suffer. So few people hear the joy of being Catholic from ordinary Catholics.


The Gospel tells us that all of us are sent. Jesus appointed the 72, apart from the 12 apostles he already chose. Thus, we are all missionaries in our ordinary and common situations, at home, school, work and neighborhood. Do you want to share the mission work of Jesus in a simple and quiet way? There are three ways to do this.


First, pray to the Holy Spirit. Ask for the grace to be given the opportunity to share the Word of God, the joy of faith, and the love of Jesus today. If you do this, the Lord will place people in your path who are in need of his special presence – someone who is lonely, grieving, sad or just in need of inspiration and companionship may come along. Let the Holy Spirit lead you consciously to such persons and to their special situations.


Second, make yourself available. You do not need to go abroad, to deserts or mountains or slums to serve. Your mission work is where you are now. So do not be afraid to approach others or to strike a conversation with them. Open your heart to them with a smile to show that you are ready to listen, share a meal or just be present for the moment. Missionaries look for the sheep, especially the lost one. Our sheep may not be too far from where are in our daily activities. Welcome them, receive them, spend time with them.


Third, at the end of the day, pray to the Lord about your experience. Thank God for the persons you encountered, for the chance to share your life with them, for the gift of being able to spread the Gospel whether in word or in deed. Pray for the people you met so that their experience with you will be for them also a spiritually memorable and uplifting one. Ask for a special grace to be a missionary again the following day.