LK 12: 32-48



This is quite a long selection for a Sunday gospel and I am tempted to start my focus on the last words of the Lord Jesus: “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” A simpler rendition says: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”


What is entrusted to us, given to us, by the Lord? It is the gift of faith. “Do not be afraid,” he says, though you are a “little flock” because you have something in you that conquers fear. The power of faith makes Christians courageous and strong in the midst of all life’s trials. But faith is not only a gift. It is also a task – meaning, of course, that it is a big responsibility, it carries a challenge, it is a call to action. That is why, something will be required, something will be expected of us.


The gospel says that first, the Lord expects us to treasure what really matters. So many people today think that the most important thing is to fill their wallets, to increase their bank account, to make their futures secure. These earthly treasures come and go. And so we need to discover the real treasure – our relationship with the Lord and with each other in faith.


Second, the Lord expects us to live as faithful and watchful servants. How many times have we heard of the good example of Filipina maids abroad who became heroines to the children they took care of. They gave their all to their employers, treating them as their own families and loving their kids as their own children. This is the fidelity we need to give to God above all. Whatever responsibility he gives us, we must manifest our total commitment and dedication.


The Lord Jesus makes it clear that when he comes, he will look for the burning lamps we hold in our hands. These lamps are signs of the living faith we have in him. And he will also look for our faithfulness in doing our responsibility, whether we are seen or not; noticed or ignored. A living faith is not only in words or good feelings, but is shown in how diligently we do our part in caring for our relationship with the Lord and with one another.


We may not always feel that faith is working in our lives. Perhaps we may not see how it helps us to live our lives in the midst of many challenges. But we have received a gift, a great gift, an immense gift, the gift of faith. I read a caption that says: doubt your doubts first before you doubt your faith. And it is true because faith is stronger and more real than any of our present fears and anxieties for the future. Jesus expects us to live our faith to the full!