LK. 2; 1-14




Just imagine the surprise of the shepherds! They were watching their flocks, trying to keep awake in the dead of night, and to keep warm in the freezing winter season. Then an angel, later so many of them, appears to them and says: “God is gazing at you from heaven!” How did it feel to hear those words? God was looking at us, miserable and poor, nobody and unknown, weak and sinful!


Have you ever experienced being watched by someone from afar? That experience when someone was looking at you without you having an idea? Spiritual writers say that a person becomes enlightened when someone looks at him, gazes at him with love. Today at Christmas time we can truly say, the Lord is not only looking at the shepherds, not only at holy Mary and Joseph. God is looking at each one of us with love, even if we are not aware of it.


God’s look is tremendous and powerful. At creation he looked at the darkness and light appeared; the universe was created, human life flourished. Then God looked at the world and saw darkness once again, this time in the hearts of people defeated by sin, by poverty, by selfishness. He creates again, not like the creation of the past, but a creation that is present, as happening now, today, at this very moment. His look fills the world with light and love.


How does God look at the world he created, at the children he loves? He gazes at us through his Son, this baby born in Bethlehem. This Son, Jesus, is the Father’s face, the Father’s eyes, shining on the world, smiling on each one of us today! The Father has always looked at the world through his Son. That is why, there is a Son-flavor, a Son-color, a Son-shape in our hearts that make us ready to welcome him when he comes. He alone can fill up our heart’s need for love, for peace, for friendship.


This was what Jesus did that first Christmas. By being human like one of us, so ordinary, so common, so simple… he extended God’s smile, God’s loving look, God’s desire that we be friends with him. What a way to think about Christmas! God is looking at us with love and through Jesus his Son he is bringing us into a circle of deep friendship, intimacy, and family.


As you pray today, and in the coming days, begin by thinking of God’s eyes fixed on your life. Imagine Jesus smiling at all you are doing, desiring, dreaming. Let  him fill your life with beauty and dignity, no matter how dirty, painful and disordered it may be to you. Remain in this consoling thought: He is looking at you! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL! GOD LOVES YOU!

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