MT 18: 1-5




A child is small. A child is not fully developed in many aspects of its life. A child is weak and vulnerable. A child is inexperienced in many ways. A child is helpless without outside support or assistance.


Why is the Lord Jesus asking us to model our lives on a child? The answer lies on the fact, not that the child is little, cuddly and cute, but on the fact that every child carries with him or her a potential. Small now, but big later on. Undeveloped now, but on the road to maturity. Weak now, but gaining new strength day by day. Inexperienced surely, but will be knowledgeable and wise one day. Helpless, but can be independent, creative and resourceful as the years progress.


We cannot use the words of the Lord Jesus as an excuse to remain a child, to imitate the limitations of a child, to be complacent in the status of a child. Many people certainly would prefer to act and feel like a baby, and be treated as a baby. A Tagalog slang has sprung from this phenomenon – “pabebe” (acting like a baby).


Some people avoid taking responsibility for their lives and others. They refuse to face reality as it is. They remain entrenched in self-centeredness. They just cannot grow up psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.


 “Become like children,” the Lord Jesus tells us, but in another, deeper and meaningful sense. Children trust their parents, clinging to their hands and refusing to let go. But children are also willing to learn from their parents, especially as the parents release their child’s grip on their hands and slowly prod them to go on their own. A good parent does not prevent his child from growing. In fact, he promotes the idea that the child must grow and stand on his own one day.


Sometimes some young people can be amazingly mature. Perhaps they have been guided by good parents. Others may have been honed by necessity or pushed by circumstances. Definitely, it is also because they have been blessed by the Holy Spirit of God.


Let us become like children… not “pabebe” (acting like a baby/ child), not wanting to remain charming and cute, but like children who totally trust the father and learn from him how to move on in life. Amen.

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