LK 24: 13-35

This Easter gospel shows us the power of the Risen Christ and the real effect of the Resurrection in the live so those who believe it, proclaim it and live it. Immediately we can discern here two moments in the experience of the disciples. The first one is the hasty travel to Emmaus, the moment of downcast journey. The disciples were on the verge of what psychologists today call depression, and spiritual directors call desolation.

We cannot blame them. They put all their hope on Jesus, only to see all these dashed to the ground when he died. These men were confused, shocked, disappointed, afraid and ashamed. What to do now? Where to go now? How to live from now on? The only thing they thought practical to do was hide in the darkness and retreat as far away as possible.

But there was another moment, the journey of hope. For suddenly, someone they did not know joined the disciples on the road. He showed interest in them, showed so much compassion. He listened to them and shared their feelings. But instead of feeding their dismay, he gave them hope. He explained to them the meaning of God’s Word and he celebrated with them at supper time a meal that reminded them of a similar and powerful event.

The Lord Jesus, risen from the dead, led these men from woundedness to healing, trembling to courage, depression to hope! In the end, the disciples asked the Lord: “Stay with us, the day is over.” Precisely, this is what the Resurrection means: Jesus is with us, especially in our moments of trial to remind us that there is no reason to fear because he has already conquered all. There is no reason to flee because he is present, he is powerful, he is victor!

The Resurrection of Jesus is the central, pivotal event of Christian faith. It is not a mere doctrine, nor a mere festivity. It is the truth that God loves us so much that he will go through all the hell we go through and return from there to share with us his victory. Jesus, the Risen One, deserves our faith, hope and love because he can be trusted to lead us to true joy and lasting peace, in spite of the hardships we may be going through.

The disciples returned to Jerusalem, not downcast, but with bright, smiling faces. They reached out to others to share their discovery. They were ready to face the world with boldness and confidence. They have seen the Lord, heard his Word and celebrated his meal. Let us pray that the Resurrection will empower us to turn away from the journey of despair and take on the road to hope and courage in the company of Jesus. Amen.