MT. 13:1-9

Rudy found himself in an adulterous relationship and this led to him leaving his family. He squandered his money on his new pursuit and neglected his job. But when the other woman left him, he had to return to his family jobless and full of shame. Once he was out on the street looking for a job, he heard a preacher sharing Gospel messages. Rudy felt that the words were for him and they stung his heart. He couldn’t control his tears. His conversion had begun.

The Gospel today speaks about how to receive the Word of God in an effective manner. The Lord Jesus explains that his Word was for universal distribution. It is free, accessible, and available for all. But not all receive his Word in the same way. Some reject, forget, some neglect, some turn away… and some successfully integrate it in their lives.

Why is the Word of the Lord not effective for others? As long as there are obstacles in our relationship with God, his Word cannot take root in us. Around us are many distractions that entertain our hearts with pleasure. Around us are many security blankets we use to assure us that we can go it alone in life. The Word is sown in us but we do not take it seriously because we hold on to other priorities.

When however, we find ourselves at our wit’s end, when our defenses break down, when our securities prove inadequate, when our powers are unreliable… it is then that many people become ready to take the Word of God seriously.

At this time in your life, can you safely say that God’s Word is effective in you? That it is his Word that leads you, guides you, motivates you, and surrounds you? Or are there things that prevent his Word from taking root in the soil of your heart? What comfort, pleasure, security, or success do you gaze upon and hold on to instead of welcoming and trusting the Lord?

This week, as we go to the Eucharist, let us humble ourselves and beg the Lord to strip us of the obstacles that prevent his Word from becoming alive, effective and powerful in our lives.

Ourparishpriest 2023