LK. 1: 26-38


After listening to the sharing of a priest on social media, I decided to consecrate myself to Jesus through Mary. This consecration involves a 33-day preparation as prescribed by St. Louis de Montfort, who believed that it was the surest path to holiness. While some Christians may not fully comprehend our Catholic devotion to Mary, we firmly understand that this devotion revolves entirely around Christ, with the Blessed Virgin providing support and assistance. As we approach Christmas, our thoughts naturally turn to Mary during the time of the Archangel Gabriel’s Annunciation. In this episode, Mary’s mission becomes clear. What is the mission of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Firstly, Mary’s mission is to be the Mother of God. The Gospel portrays Mary as being specifically chosen, favored, and blessed, described as “full of grace,” to become the Mother of Our Savior, the Only Son of God. Thus, Mary is not the mother of an ordinary child but the Mother of God the Son, Jesus Christ.

Secondly, her mission is to serve as our Model in Faith. Initially, Mary’s response was one of fear and confusion, as she grappled with the idea of a virgin giving birth. Nonetheless, she trusted the Angel’s words and wholeheartedly surrendered to the will of the Father. Our own faith should mirror this, marked by unwavering trust and surrender to God, accepting His will for our present and future.

Thirdly, Mary’s mission is to be our Mother in Faith. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Mary is uniquely chosen to guide us toward the Lord. By allowing her to be our mother, she will care for us as her children and draw us nearer to our elder Brother, her Son, Jesus. Truly, you cannot embrace Jesus as your Brother without also embracing Mary as your Mother.


What better way to prepare our hearts for Christmas than by doing so alongside the one who first heard of this great mystery? Take some time to pray the Rosary and contemplate how Mary can assist you in growing in faith and maturing in your journey with Christ.

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(Mary, Queen of Peace, lead us to pray for peace in our world.)