MK. 9: 2-10


Each Lent, we revisit the account of the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus on Mt. Tabor—a scene that helped the disciples make sense of who their Master was and find hope for the challenging times ahead. At the conclusion of today’s narrative, we draw closer to the identity of the Lord through a special title used in the Gospels: Son of Man. Experts affirm that, of all the titles given to Jesus, this was the only one He attributed to Himself.

Surprisingly, other titles, such as Messiah, Son, Son of God, and Christ, bestowed upon Jesus by His disciples, remain in use in our liturgy and preaching, but “Son of Man” is no longer commonly used to refer to Him. What does “Son of Man” mean, and how crucial is it in gaining a deeper knowledge of the Lord? Simply put, the title indicates that Jesus is the representative of God and His kingdom, as well as the representative of humanity. He brings God’s grace and judgment, and at the same time, embodies the perfect response of humanity to God’s invitation. The Son of Man shares the life of His brothers and sisters, yet will be rejected by them. He will experience humiliation and persecution at the hands of people. Yet, because He personifies the loving mercy of God, He will be exalted by the Father. One day, in power, the Son of Man will return to be the merciful judge of the whole world.

Clearly then, Jesus is the Son of Man because of His humility, His sharing in our daily struggles for survival, and our grappling for the meaning of life. He is also our source of hope because, though one of us, He comes from God, full of the power of the Spirit, offering love and forgiveness to all. Though we seldom use this title for Jesus, it might be beneficial in this second week of Lent to revisit and reflect on its meaning—for Jesus and for us.


Jesus, enlighten me in these days of Lent to realize how humble You have become in embracing my frail humanity with its weakness, difficulties, and limitations. You have truly become a “man” among us. Give me strength as I remember that before You, I am in the presence of God, who calls me to love, to serve, and to forgive. Son of Man, draw me close to Your heart! Amen.