JN 20: 1-9


Lord Jesus, we have just reflected on the events of Holy Week, journeying with you through your Passion and Death, and now, we rejoice in your glorious Resurrection; we ponder its profound meaning. Does it truly transform our lives? What does it offer to our daily struggles? Our existence is a complex interplay of lights and shadows. Within us lie remnants of the Risen Lord alongside the burden of Adam’s sin. Though mortality touches us, we hold steadfast to the belief that you, Lord, shield us and infuse us with your grace. Like Adam, we stumble, often blinded by our actions and words. Yet, within our hearts, we place our trust in you, Lord, and cling to the hope that your mercy and grace continue to shape us. Our transformation is not instant, not a magic spell, but rather a journey of faith and discipleship. Like your earliest followers, we rise and fall, day after day; that is the reality of life.

Through your Resurrection, God the Father reassures us of His perpetual presence. As the mystic Julian of Norwich taught, you, Lord, accompany us in three ways. From the heaven, you lift us up to dwell with you. On earth, you guide us step by step, holding our hands through each day’s journey. In our hearts, you speak to us, guiding and preserving us. This realization brings us solace; your Resurrection assures us of your enduring companionship. Though we may falter, we refuse to surrender to despair, for in heaven, on earth, and within our hearts, we discern glimpses of your abiding presence.


Recall moments of profound well-being, juxtaposed with instances of darkness and pain. Though this amalgamation may seem disconcerting, it underscores the omnipotence of God’s providence. Whatever trials you face, trust that God remains steadfastly by your side. Invoke the Risen Jesus, seeking a heightened sense of His presence and an infusion of hope and trust. He is Risen – alleluia!