JN 12: 20-33


If you have been following this year’s Lenten reflections, you may recall that we initiated the journey by invoking the Holy Spirit’s presence throughout this season (Week 1). The subsequent weeks led us to explore facets of Jesus’ identity – as the Son of Man (Week 2), the Son of God (Week 3), and the Light of the world (Week 4). Today, our meditation centers on Jesus as the “Lord of Glory.” Notice the recurrence of the terms “glory” and “glorify” in the Gospel: the Son of Man will be glorified, the Father’s name is glorified. What does this glory signify? It implies that Jesus will be the ultimate Judge, dispelling the evil ruler of this world. Ultimately, he will draw all people to himself. Glory, in this context, represents Jesus’ triumph over his adversaries, demonstrating the power and dominion of God over the entire world through his Son. Moreover, this glory is not exclusive; Jesus shares it with all who love and follow him. Who wouldn’t desire to partake in the glory of Jesus?

However, this narrative has a complementary aspect. Jesus elucidates that the grain of wheat must first die before bearing fruit; one must relinquish life before preserving it. He has to be lifted up on the Cross before experiencing Resurrection. In essence, glory is not a cheap grace but a costly one. Achieving glory necessitates pain, sacrifice, and a death to self, sin, and slavish desires. I once received an uplifting note from Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, where he wrote, “After the Cross, Glory!” We aspire to share in the glory, don’t we? Yet, are we prepared to embrace the crosses in our lives, offering them to Jesus and assisting others in carrying theirs, so that, in the end, we may encounter the Lord of glory, applauding and rewarding us?


It is natural to yearn for the glory-filled aspects of life, particularly desiring to partake in the glory of Jesus. However, consider the crosses in your life as a means to align yourself with the Lord. Regardless of the cross you bear – whether your own or that of a loved one – ask Jesus to bless it and grant you strength not to forsake it but to carry it with faith in him. Your day of glory will come. Declare: “Jesus, King of Glory, be my steadfast support and salvation!”