JN 20: 19-31


At a young age, Tammy lost her faith and spent her life without any religious practice or belief. Then, as a professional, wife, and mother, she was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable cancer, given a 0% survival chance by her doctor. A good friend visited her and gave her a Rosary, which she did not know how to use. The friend returned daily to teach her and to pray with her. This marked the beginning of her gradual renewal of faith, until surprisingly, her cancer vanished. Now, she humbly recounts her newfound faith and her astonishing miracle, and she has decided to enter the Catholic Church.

Like many others today, Tammy is a modern Doubting Thomas. We must be aware that many people no longer profess religious beliefs; they may have turned their backs on the faith of their childhood or refuse to believe after personal tragedies or bad experiences. To all such people, the Lord Jesus extends a helping hand as He enters their lives quietly through the Scriptures, the sacraments, or experiences of consolation, healing, or renewal. In some cases, Jesus relies on people, like Tammy’s friend, to inspire hope and faith in unbelieving hearts. Tammy is a famous podcaster and the wife of the world-renowned psychologist and author, Jordan Peterson.


Do you feel that your faith is on shaky ground? Call out to the Lord in trust, and He will not disappoint you. Do you know people whose faith has grown cold, bitter, or dead? Perhaps the Lord is inviting you to be the instrument of love and peace through your visit, contact, or prayers for and with that person. You never know when God uses you to be an instrument of His Resurrection!

Recommendation to the Readers:

This Easter season, I recommend that you watch on Youtube these inspiring interviews of two entertainment personalities who speak of some aspects of their Catholic faith, which is rare among our local celebrities to do.

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